Buying Contacts


So you’ve decided to take the plunge and change from old-fashioned eyeglasses to the clean look of contact lenses. Let’s take a look at the different steps you should take to buy contact lenses at the lowest price-while still taking care of the health of your eyes.

1) Before you buy contact lenses, visit your eye care professional for a prescription. You know you need the right amount of vision correction, but you might not know that you also need the proper fit. Since contact lenses rest directly on your eye, they need to have the right base curve and diameter to fit properly. Only an eye care professional can measure your eyes to obtain the right base curvature and diameter for your particular eyes. If the contacts do not fit properly, they will not be comfortable. Worse, you may experience irritation, which could lead to an eye infection or tissue damage.

2) Your eye care professional can offer a one-stop shop for obtaining your prescription as well as buying contacts. Many shops will give you a free trial pair to make sure that the lenses they prescribed for you meet your needs. Buying contacts from your eye care professional is usually the most convenient way to buy contact lenses since they often have your prescription in stock, but it is not necessarily the most cost-effective way.

3) You may wish to save some money by buying your contact lenses online. Just look for a reputable company that insists on verifying your prescription-your eyes are worth the extra care offered by these online contact lens sources. You may have a to wait a little longer, but the contacts will be delivered right to your door!