Caring for Contacts

Caring for ContactsWith the myriad of disposable contact lenses available today and the lower cost of contact lenses, contact lens care has never been easier. Earlier we mentioned that daily disposables are a type of contact lens that don’t need to be cleaned since you discard them after one use. Of course, you should still keep a bottle of saline rinse on hand for rinsing your contact lenses before insertion or if you need to remove and reinsert them due to a dust speck on the lens. Other than that, daily disposable contact lenses offer the ultimate in easy-care contact lenses!

You may find that daily disposable contact lenses don’t fit into your budget. The other options for contact lenses do require more daily care, but with so many types available, you should be able to find the perfect contact lenses for you and your busy schedule. Basic care of contact lenses includes the following:

Daily Rinsing and Storage
Depending on the type of contact lens you have and the suggestion of your eye care professional, you may need to simply rinse your contact lenses with a multi-purpose contact lens solution after removal. Then, fill your contact lens case with more of the contact lens solution and store them overnight. Rinse again before insertion the next morning. Multi-purpose contact lens solutions come in “rub” or “no-rub” versions-your eye care professional will tell you which is best for you.

Protein Removal
Because soft contact lenses have water content, proteins in the tears that moisturize your eyes tend to collect on contact lenses. These protein deposits can distort your vision, making the world look cloudy or hazy. Protein deposits must be removed periodically if your disposal schedule exceeds one month. There are several different contact lens solutions available for this procedure-your eye care professional will tell you which is preferred for your type of contact lens.

Before handling your contact lenses, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with a pure soap that doesn’t contain moisturizers or other additives. And never, ever share your contact lenses with friends-even if they just want to see what they look like in your crazy contacts or color contacts!

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